Fashion Bags

Make a unique style statement with our fashion bags.
As the term itself defines, our fashion bags are highly
elegant and incredibly stylish in its appearance.
Despite being eco-friendly, our product does not fail
to add all  the elements that qualify it as fashionable.

Beach Bags

Have fun under the sun and by the sea while using our

Beach Bags. Go stylish with our classy beach bags.

We manufacture Eco Friendly Custom Beach Bags, designer beach bags,

personalized bags, Large / extra  large & printed beach

bags and “Export it  all-over the world”.

Promotional Bags

Our range of promotional Tote bags is crafted for the promotion
of your products, service, brand and business name. We understand
the inevitability to showcase your business in public for better brand
recognition and business prosperity. And with the launch of these
products, we confirm to cater to the objectives of the

Small Wonders

Our small wonder bags collection is simply awe-inspiring.

Its pretty, cute and adorable look can simply delight anyone.

With a wider variety of features, our small wonders bags

are the precious gift that you can present your kids.

About Us

Euro Okpet Ltd. is a company registered in Bulgaria with associates in United Arab Emirates and in India. The core activity of the company is marketing high quality products with more than 24 years of combined experience in Middle East, North Africa, Asia and in Europe. Now Euro Okpet Ltd. is on the fore front of marketing Jute and Cotton Bags across the continents. India is the largest producer of jute yarns in the world. Since in Eastern part of India majority of jute plants are grown, city of Kolkata becomes the ideal choice for  production of high quality jute bags. Euro Okpet Ltd has made exclusive agreements with some of the top Jute bag manufacturers to market the bags across the continents.
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