Tote Bags

Tote Bags consist of a basic design— a single pouch with parallel handles. They are most commonly recognized for having imprinted quotations and images on them that makes them essentially trendy and a “must have” for young women.

The tough and comfortable character of this particular style makes it furthermore versatile and multipurpose. Basically regarded as a casual accessory, tote bags can befittingly coordinate with formal wear as well as party wear. So there is a widespread demand for variant styles, and why not! The basic formation of tote bags leaves ample scope to give it desirable aesthesis, in terms of color, size and even shapes.

At Tossa you are going to find a vast selection of imprinted tote bags in Sofia, Bulgaria, made of 100% organic cotton, you may also opt for jute and canvas materials. You can select choicest products from our existing collection, from the “Tote Bags” section amongst our products pages. Otherwise, if required we also provide custom tote bags, made to order as per your own designs. We comprehensively carry out designing and manufacturing of women’s tote bags for private fashion labels, or promotional tote bags for corporate sectors and packaging purposes.

The Ultimate Promotional Bag For Environment Awareness

Tote bags are largely promoted for being a bio-degradable alternate to plastic bags. The sturdy nature of the materials like jute, canvas and cotton, make these bags reusable and one can wash them multiple times at ease. They are popularly inexpensive, but many fashion labels, have gone on to represent them as luxurious fashionable accessories, with whopping price tags.

So for all reasons and purposes, you can buy bulk tote bags at impressive wholesale rates at Tossa. The bags are “Made in Sofia, Bulgaria”, at our production facility based in Sofia, which certified by SGS and is complied with CAPSIA and REACH.

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