Fashion Bags

Tossa brings you an extensive collection of fashion bags in Sofia, Bulgaria, 100% natural and cruelty free materials like jute, cotton, burlap and other fabric blends. We offer bespoke designing and manufacturing for private fashion labels or retail fashion bag stores.

Our product range is inclusive but not limited to:

  • Backpacks
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Clutches and Purses
  • Gym Bags/Duffle Bags
  • Sling Bags
  • Shoulder Bags
  • Beach Bags

You can select from our fashion bags online featured in this website, or use our resources to create your unique designs. Our in-house digital color printing facilities give you ample scope to mix and match a range of unique designs. You can chose the color scheme, and variant of shades from our “Colors” section in this website and give life to your unique designs harmoniously. Similarly you can choose from various structures, shapes and sizes of bags. If you need assistance on designing, you can take the help of our in-house designing team to put up your collection for real.

Our Manufacturing Process

All of the Tossa production takes place in our facilities that have SGS certification for SA 8000; as well as hold REACH and CAPSIA compliance. We understand the core requirements that are expected from a manufacturing process for fashion products, that includes an eye for innovation and utility. You can rest assured that once we jot down your designs; you will get exactly what you imagined to create.

Sustainable Fashion Endorsed By Tossa

For a long time, materials like Jute and Cotton represented a diffident recognition in the fashion world, and were mostly used for packaging purposes in the agricultural industry. Things have changed a lot now. New age fashion designers have created a worldwide sensation, with the prominence of “Eco Bags” and stunning modern designs. As more and more people are joining the brigade to endorse environment respecting products, jute and cotton are garnering humongous positive attention along with canvas, denim and burlap. It’s not only the sense of compassion for the nature that propels the stardom of these materials, but for the incredible performance and versatility, thanks to the sturdy materials that can withstand long term wear and tear. So come and join this new culture of beautiful and sustainable fashion.

Make a unique style statement with our fashion bags. Our bags are available in Cotton, Jute and Washed Jute fabrics.

Nature friendly is always trendy!

You may send us your queries on quotations, products and deliverables by contacting us at Tel. +359 2 427 28 58 Mobile: +359 882 420 215. You may also write in to us at &

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