Beach Bags

Beach bag is basically a “carry it all” bag that is big enough to store daily essentials like moisturizer, water, a book or two, a scarf so on; and is easy to carry as a handbag or shoulder bag. The most striking feature of a beach bag is its relaxing and sturdy build, that’s stylish but not delicate— apropos for taking on the avid exposure to sand, sun and water with poise.

So here we are at Tossa, representing a quintessential collection of functional and stylish designer beach bags that are supplied to private labels, and/or for promotional purposes on a B2B wholesaling basis.

You will find all our products at this website, in the Beach Bag section. You may select our existing products, customize them as per your requirement, or we can even design something anew with our in-house designing facilities.

Beach Bags Manufactured By Tossa

It is important for a beach bag to be made of such materials that will come with the qualities of waterproof, easy to clean or washable, and since it’s often a big part of vacation wear, the ebullience of style is but indispensable. We use 100% genuine and naturally harvested jute and canvas materials to bring you the finest quality of products that will stand the test of time and wear.

All our products are “Made in Sofia, Bulgaria” at our SGS certified, REACH and CAPSIA compliant production facilities at Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our state of the art machine woven and digitally printed products come with the guarantee that there will be no episodes of color fading with multiple washes, or the threads coming off with repeated use. We ensure multiple quality control and monitoring protocols, ensuring unfaltering consistency of our premium quality.

Versatile Designs, Durable Performance

Though named “beach bags”, the usage of this basic and stylish accessory is not limited for the beach alone. Usually designed beach bags for women, our collection is inclusive but not limited to ladies beach bags alone, you will also find beach bags for men, and unisex.

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