Jute BagsJuco Bags is Another Vegan Essential To Redefine Contemporary Fashion

Juco is an eco-friendly woven textile that is manufactured by blending jute and cotton threads. The fabric is extremely sturdy, so that it makes for a substantial material for fashion bags in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as designer apparel, and upholstery.

The specialty about the Juco fabric, is that it carries the best qualities of both jute and cotton — it has the fine woven texture and is malleable like that of cotton, while is highly sturdy much like a jute gunny bag. It’s smoother to touch than jute, but is stronger than cotton. So as the fabric is burgeoning for its eco friendly and 100% bio-degradable statuses, it’s equally recognized for its high-time design flexibility, especially for creating eco-bags.

Substantiating A Complete Vegan Manufacturing Process

Juco can be spun from cotton and jute threads, by means of an eco-friendly manufacturing process, that’s also completely vegan. It’s important to understand that while to the general people, the concept of “bio-degradable” product is presumably “eco-friendly”, on the factual scenario it is not as obvious.

Bio-degradable signifies the impact of a product or material on the environment, when it’s disposed of, and the fact that it doesn’t make much of pollution when it’s decomposing. Whereas, when it comes to the quotient of eco-friendly, it signifies how environment friendly the production process is, what components are used, such as Azo dyes that are ecotoxic, and so are plastic linings are bio hazardous. The eco friendliness of a product is also determined by how extensively it can be reused.

Moreover, bio-degradable + environment friendly process doesn’t justify “vegan”. Vegan doesn’t just mean the direct usage of animal-derived materials like leather handles or duffels bags; it also includes the usage of any animal tested chemicals or animal driven mechanics in the production.

The many qualities of Juco make it a strong proponent for “Eco-Fashion” by checking all three components of bio-degradable, environmental friendly, reusable and essentially vegan, from production, to usage, reusable and disposal.

So now we have the most promising material to redefine contemporary fashion.

Juco Bags And Contemporary Fashion

The juco material is widely used for fashion products, but it’s mostly coveted for designer bags. Today eco-fashion being a global sensation, its not hard to find casual collections of juco tote bags, juco beach bags, or knapsacks, that exemplify a bohemian, shabby chic style.

The design flexibility of this material has inspired many luxury designers, as well as celebrity fashionists to endorse Juco bags for creating a niche. The material can hold dyes beautifully, and can withstand elaborate treatment, of embroidery, enmeshment and what not. Unlike leather, the material will not crack, and unlike cotton the color won’t fade, and unlike jute, it won’t look a gunny bag.

Therefore, Juco Bags elevates the “freedom for fashion” trend, so if you are carrying one, you can feel comfortable that it can drench in the rain, scorch in the sun, be smothered in sand, and still look as great as new with a single wash.

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