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Buying jute bags wholesale, even when you are concentrating on Tossa® brand of biodegradable jute bags is manifold. Meanwhile, it may be prudent to take a look at the product you are going to buy in bulk.

Quality product

Tossa® brand of jute bags are handled by well known Euro Okpet Ltd, a company registered in Bulgaria with franchises located in United Arab Emirates, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and parts of Europe, the focus being the production of high quality jute bags in various shapes, sizes and styles. For instance, there are Tossa® Tote Bag, Tossa® Promotional Bag, Tossa® Beach Bag, Tossa® Fashion Bag, Tosa® Christmas Bag and many more.

In order to ensure highest quality and year round easy availability, the company has zeroed in on Kolkata in West Bengal, where both raw material and finished goods are available at realistic price range. What’s more, all Tossa® products manufactured at Kolkata are AZO free, while the manufacturing units are members of SEDEX, and SGS Certified for SA 8000.

Over and above, each and every Tossa® product undergoes strict quality control checks, manned by technical staff well aware of the loopholes often found in mass scale production.

Eco-friendly product

All Tossa® brands of jute bags are fully reusable, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable and as such are much appreciated by customers everywhere. In fact, these bags have totally replaced toxic plastic bags all over the world, while they are customized according to the choice and requirement of buyers.

Benefits of buying Tossa® Jute bags wholesale

The benefits of buying Tossa Jute bags wholesale are many. To begin with, the cost of individual packaging is totally eliminated. Another advantage is space saving. Although you may order in bulk, the delivery can be split into convenient period of time of the year. For example, you may order large quantity during Christmas festivities, but indent smaller supply in course of minor celebrations such as during Good Friday or New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

Apart from cost saving by way of eliminating the cost of packaging, buying wholesale has environmental benefits too. When you buy in bulk you can plan your storage policy much ahead of the actual time of delivery. For example, you may store bulk quantity of Tossa jute bags in a remote corner of your store that usually remains unused.

However, the biggest benefit of buying wholesale is the attractive discount that Tossa offers, regardless of your location. In many cases, the company also offers free delivery (save and except delivery in Alaska and Hawaii). In order to enjoy the striking discount that Tossa offers, several buyers also join together in placing an order and then adjust the delivery according to convenience. But alas, free delivery does not become applicable in these cases.

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