Handbags for Women

Handbags for Women

Can you ever visualize a lady without her handbag, a dude without his wallet or a medic sans his/her stethoscope? Perhaps not, because these accessories are indispensible for each of them as chopsticks for a Chinese or an automobile for an American. However, let us analyze these one at a time.

Why handbags are essential for women?

The reasons are pretty simple. Where else could a woman keep her things, except in a handbag? As compared to men’s garment that has plenty of pockets (trousers having two; jacket having three, plus one hidden to carry a firearm, totaling 6 or more) to carry as many items as possible, a woman’s dress hardly have 2 and that too are not meant to carry staff that bulges out in the form of eyesores. So, a woman from an early age knows that if she has to keep something with her that she fears not to lose, she must keep it in her handbag she carries with her wherever she wishes to go.

However, as she grows up, her handbag contents also grow up in size and number. From simple hair clips and ribbons, it graduates up to face powder, lipstick, makeup box and later into items of personal hygiene. Incidentally, here is a listing of some of the items that are found in a contemporary lady’s handbag that prove to be of some value to its owner.

  • Outdated invoice for items purchased long ago – Though you and I may toss these out through the window, ladies prefer to safe-keep these in their handbag for securing the telephone number or other references.
  • Perfume is a must – for all occasions, regardless of whether for own use or for dousing a friend or colleague badly in need of it.
  • A Red Lipstick for emergency use- For a quick facelift, there is nothing better than a red lipstick. It is OK for garden party as also for night rendezvous. It is cost effective too, as
  • compared to more complicated shades like those having frosted colors.
  • Hand sanitizer – Most health conscious women keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in her handbag for use whenever necessary.
  • Kajal for emergency use, especially when it smudges off, leaving a tell-tale mark.
  • Blush on for a rosier cheek.
  • Moisturizer to keep her limbs softer and pale.
  • Phone charger for the smartphone.
  • Small Face Towel for use during the summer months.

Apart from those listed above, a lady’s handbag also contains many items that may apparently look unimportant by menfolk.

Why a Tossa® Lady’s handbag is considered most trendy now?

To begin with, Tossa® Lady’s handbags are most eco-friendly and least harmful for the environment as these are made from jute fiber which is a vegetable product that is fully biodegradable, meaning that it will soon decompose and mingle with mother earth in no time at all. Moreover, these bags are manufactured by Indian craftsmen having legendary sense of beauty and aesthetics ingrained within their blood through centuries.

Additionally, Tossa Raw Jute which is grown in the eastern state of India, especially in West Bengal where the climatic condition is most suitable for it bears the most silky appearance, along with toughness and strength. Besides, Tossa® jute carry bags are AZO free and are produced at local facilties that are members of the SEDEX, and SGS certified for SA 8000. So, from all possible perspectives, Tossa Lady’s handbags are the best buy today.

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