promotional tote bags

Tossa Makes a Fashion Statement!

Trendy and biodegradable Tossa Promotional Tote Bags made of nature friendly jute fiber carrying your company logo boldly printed in AZO free ink on both sides of the bag highlights the message given by António Guterres, UN Secretary General on World Environment Day: REJECT SINGLE-USE PLASTIC. REFUSE WHAT U CAN’T RE-USE. In the meantime, fancy Tossa jute/cotton tote bags have totally replaced toxic plastic tote bags that have been banned in most world countries, contributing towards the maintenance of the environment.

Incredibly crafted in innumerable designs and shapes, Tossa promotional bags have also become fashion statements for femme fatales who prefer using these bags along with their eveningwear, no matter these are gift items distributed freely by a consumer goods company.

In terms of genuineness and bona fide, Tossa Promotional jute bags are REACH and CAPSIA compliant, while their manufacturing process entails facilities that come under SEDEX and SGS certified for SA 800. Needless to say, these organizational backups give us internal strength to face challenging conditions both in collecting raw material and processing them.

As against single-use plastic tote bags, Tossa Promotional bags can be used many times and can be washed, cleaned and stored for future use. Besides, these bags feature multipurpose use, such as carrying groceries, as also other consumer goods. Needless to say, the sturdy nature of the jute fiber, the basic material with which these bags are made lends durability and resilience to these bags.

Tossa Promotional jute bags are also made according to customer’s choice. This includes size, shape. color of the print as also the type of handle that goes with each bag. For instance, bags can be fitted with bamboo or wooden handles if a customer so desires.

Another attractive facility that’s available with Tossa Promotional Tote bags concern heavy discount, invariably allowed on bulk orders. At the same time, we guarantee timely delivery, regardless of where the customer is located.

So, whenever you are looking for an attractive yet appropriate giveaway item for your company, visit our website, select the item that suits your purpose and give us a call. Since we are available 7 x 24 x 365, you will be contacted right away.

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