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Tote Bags from Tossa That You Just Can’t Resist Buying!!

When it comes to promotional products, you can’t beat Tossa, where European fashion statement (originating in Bulgaria) has joined hands with Oriental sustainability (based in Calcutta, cultural capital of India) in creating giveaway Tote Bags made of eco-friendly jute fiber, grown, cultivated and finished in some of the eastern states of the Indian peninsula. Incidentally, jute is a natural fiber that comes out of the jute plant, neither needing any special care not fertilizers for its growth and so is cost effective and hassle-free. Moreover, it does not need any chemical treatment or factory processing and so is organic in nature.

REACH and CAPSIA compliant fully biodegradable Tossa jute/Cotton Tote bags have totally replaced non-biodegradable and toxic plastic bags, the use of which has been banned in most world countries. What’s more, nature friendly Tossa jute/cotton tote bags carrying your company’s logo and message will go a long way towards representing your brand among thousands of your loyal customers and their friends and relations; bring awareness about the harmful effects of plastic tote bags.

Meticulous care in selection of raw material (finest quality jute fiber) and fully automated precision fabrication process have lent an award winning quality to Tossa Tote bags not to be found anywhere else. Add to it our impeccable quality control process and you get what you and your company had so far been longing for. Why; even the printing ink that is used in our Tote bags is free of toxic elements and is AZO free.

Most importantly, Tossa jute/cotton Tote bags are customizable according to your need. The size may vary, suiting your purpose; the print color may vary according to your choice. Even the handle can change from cotton to bamboo or wood. However, we do not use plastic handle for its toxic effect.

And the best part of the whole thing is that we offer handsome discount on all bulk purchases for orders placed any time of the year, especially prior to Christmas and festive holidays to attract the attention of bulk purchasers located all over our lonely planet. And of course, we guarantee fastest delivery at your location anywhere in the world. So, place your order today and earn best discount.

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